Charleston First Assembly
Saturday, February 13, 2016
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2016-01-05Pray for Coworker
Please pray for my coworker that is going through depression, please lift her up and pray off Bad spirits. Keep in your thoughts and prayers
2015-12-14God help
I'm disabled trying to get on disability and almost out of my savings. I lost my wife last year from cancer and she was the bread winner of the home. How I know of your church is when my late wife and I where dating in the late 80's we visit your church. After my wife pass I move back in the area cause here is where my heart belongs. I just need prayer for God will, which I hope it's disability cause I can't be on my feet long with my diabetes.
2015-11-16grades/progress in school
Hello this request is two-fold. For my daughter asking prayer for success on her test on Tues. so she may progress towards her nursing degree. For me-- that I would also be able to pass my Anatomy so that I may start the nursing program this summer. We believe that this is the will of God for us at this time in our lives. Thanks you and God Bless.
2015-10-29Depression for my child
I would like to ask the church to pray for my son with Depression we just found out that he had, please pray off bad spirits and wrap your arms around him and pray.
I would like to ask the church body if they would continue to pray that the Lord will open the right door for employment for me. I had a good job for twenty years and lost it four years ago when the company went under. Since then, my job situation has been a rollercoaster ride and recently has turned desperate. I am so discouraged as is my family. Please pray that God will intervene soon and direct me to the job He has for me. Thank you so very much for standing with my family in prayer concerning this need in our lives.