Charleston First Assembly
Monday, February 08, 2016
Relevant, Relational, and Real
Hearts that Share - This ministry connects people in the church with the sick and shut in members.  Cards of encouragement, visits, e-mails, and phone calls are made to stay in touch and pray with members, their families and friends who request prayer and who are unable to come to church on a regular basis.  Communion may be requested to be served at home or in the hospital on a monthly basis.
Couples Ministry - Married couples in the church and their guests enjoy special events that are planned by the Couples Ministry Leaders.  Such activities as movie night, an evening at the baseball games, dinner gatherings, etc. are planned on a regular basis for fellowship.
Young Adults - This ministry is designed to engage young people, ages 19-30 in fellowship and fun.  Activities include cook-outs, dinner gatherings, holiday special events, concerts at the auditorum, a day at the beach or amusement park, etc.
Seniors and Company - This is a ministry of our mature members and their younger counterparts who have joined in fellowship to do arts and crafts on Fridays at the church.  They will be starting a "Craft Mart" to display and sell their products.  All proceeds will go toward a church ministry donation.  This group also donate needed supplies, e.g., handmade scarfs, throwers, children's clothing, etc., to charities such as the Ronald McDonald House in Charleston.