Charleston First Assembly
Saturday, February 13, 2016
Relevant, Relational, and Real
CFA First Responders are team captains who assist the Pastor in shepherding the CFA flock.  Members of the congregation are assigned to a First Responder Team and have contact information to call the Team Captain when there is a need for special prayer, to notify the Pastor and church office of a sickness or death in the family, or to report a praise testimony.  
The team captains are two spirit-filled members of the church, working in pairs (sometimes in husband/wife teams) who have agreed to contact members of their team at least quarterly or when a members is absent for two or more weeks and have not notified the church of any reason for the absence, e.g., vacation, out-of-town on business, illness, etc. Team members are also encouraged to plan fellowship times and share other opportunities to meet and support each other.
For more information, please make a request at the church office:  843-766-2902 or