Charleston First Assembly
Saturday, February 06, 2016
Relevant, Relational, and Real
Goal #1
To become an educational and training institution to equip the saints of God in fulfilling the great commission    
  • Objective 1.1: Create a leadership team with Board oversight to plan, organize and direct the activities of the Education & Training (E&T) Institute
  • Objective 1.2: Investigate and identify a certification program which includes a specific program of study for the E&T Institute
  • Objective 1.3: Prepare a proposal for Board consideration to initiate the E&T Institute. 
  • Objective 1.4: Implement the approved program for the E&T Institute
Goal #2
To be more effective in serving our congregation and reaching people outside of the church by organizing and aligning our ministries in a more unified way.
  • Objective 2.1: Create and define ministry departments under which all current and future ministries will be placed to optimize the vision and mission through each department’s ministry.
  • Objective 2.2: Conduct orientation and information to the congregation regarding the ministry delivery system, once approved by the Pastor and Deacons Board.
Goal #3
To advance the Kingdom of God by planting new churches, partnering with sister churches, and providing a new and fresh alternative to small group worship through the use of cell groups.
  • Objective 3.1: Prepare a strategic plan for planting a completely new, nontraditional concept of a church, to reach more souls for the Kingdom of God .
  • Objective 3.2: Identify, aid, encourage and strengthen a sister church for the advancement of God’s kingdom.
  • Objective 3.3: Establish and activate a new and fresh alternative to small groups through the use of cell groups.
Goal #4
To advance the kingdom of God by increasing the number of missions projects abroad and at home and to present the Word of God to new believers in a variety of ways.
  • Objective 4.1 Increase the number of mission projects abroad and at home.
  • Objective 4.2 Present the Word of God to new believers in a variety of ways.