Charleston First Assembly
Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Relevant, Relational, and Real
CFA Core Ministry Values
Spiritual Intimacy - We value a close, intimate fellowship with Christ that results in a lifestyle of prayer, worship, and a deeper understanding of His Word.   
People - We believe that all people matter to God and therefore should influence everything that we do.  
Missions  -  We believe everyone needs to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Therefore, we will support and participate in missions’ work locally, nationally, and internationally. We will dedicate our time, finances, knowledge, and abilities to further God’s kingdom around the world.
Relationship - We value a personal relationship with Christ as the foundation to creating a strong community of believers. We desire to build the body of Christ through loving genuinely and caring for people so that they will be drawn to and grow in Christ. 
Leadership - We value servant leadership and the ability to influence others in love and trust, nurturing individuals toward personal growth in God.  
Family - Since we place a high value upon the family, we will provide ministries that will equip, encourage, and strengthen the family.
Excellence - We value the pursuit of excellence in all we do, enabled and sustained by God’s grace and power.